Today, the Atyrau Marathon brand is the most recognizable logo among sports fans in Atyrau and not only.

The history, now a full-fledged organization promoting and promoting a healthy lifestyle in the western region, is quite modest, but this is if we take a time frame.

If we talk about the work done by org. By the Committee (which includes representatives of: the Akimat of the city, the Regional Sports Department, the Atyrau Region Athletics Federation, the Infinity Club management) and people somehow connected with us, the Atyrau Marathon, from the first year of its existence, has broken all possible records; as numerical (attracted participants, resources, the number of events held during the period, the coverage of spheres of influence, etc.), and propaganda (the popularity of sports and interest among the population has increased significantly).

The first thought about the need to create such an event format arose in the middle of 2016. The initiator was the management of the INFINITY fitness center.

It was in that year that the first attempts and negotiations were made with Akimats and partners about the possibility of organizing the most massive race in the region. Even then, global work was done to find partners, marking routes, assessing the interest of the population, negotiations were held with the DIA, various utilities, directorates of universities, schools, enterprises, volunteers, manufacturers of premium products, etc.

Unfortunately, for objective reasons, we had to postpone the idea, although, by 70%, we were ready.

The main shift occurred at the beginning of 2017, after the arrival of Beket Azamat to the Atyrau region Sports Department and the direct support, at that time, of the Mayor of the city, Serik Dzhambulovich Shapkenov (by the way, he is the president of the org. Atyrau Marathon Committee).

Preparation for the first Marathon took about 2 months.

By generally accepted standards, this is a scanty time, but thanks to the coordinated work of all interested structures, companies, people, we managed to hold the MARATHON at a decent level.

On May 13, 2017, the first ever annual “ATYRAU MARATHON” took place.

For the first time, over 2000 people took part in the mass race.

For the first time, representatives of other cities and countries took part in it (several of them took prizes).

For the first time, they blocked the floor of the city for such a long time.

The participants were able to run through the central streets, just as they do all over the world. Each of the runners, whether professional or amateur, perhaps for the first time, felt the atmosphere of a real sports holiday.

Success and attention to us, served as a good service and an impulse for further development.

Our eyes fell on other areas of sports that are not related to running.

After the 2017 Marathon, under the auspices and patronage of org. With the support of the Infinity Committee, more than 20 joint events were organized, including: cross-country, swimming championships, extreme power competitions, athletics championships, among schoolchildren.

Many of them have become regular and, steadily, gather hundreds of participants.

Returning to the central and most important event of the year, I would like to note our 100% readiness to host the SECOND “ATYRAU MARATHON 2018”, which took place on May 13, 2018.

Considering all the nuances and, most importantly, experience, we did almost perfectly (although there is always something to strive for).

In 2018, Atyrau entered the top three, together with Almaty and Astana, who managed to organize a 42 km 195 meter race, which gives us the right to fully bear the name of the MARATHON.

The work of the Organizing Committee did not stand still.

We have upgraded training, registration and control.

First, a website was created for registration.

Secondly, a timekeeping control system was used for the first time in the region.

Thirdly, the marathon distance itself was organized, at 42 km 195 m– Before that, races for this distance were held only in Almaty and Astana.

Fourth, on the recommendation of the Atyrau region FLA, the Marathon became a charity and all the funds raised were transferred to help children with disabilities.

And most importantly, the number of participants exceeded 3,000 people.

Our main achievements in two years of existence.

  1. Thanks to the Marathon and with the support of the Akim of Atyrau, for the first time in the region, the Athletics Federation was established.
  2. Under the auspices and thanks to the Marathon, a running group (ATYRAU RUNNERS) appeared. At the moment, there is already a semi-professional community of amateurs who have managed to perform at various starts in Aktobe, Astana, Almaty, Dubai, Istanbul, Uralsk.
  3. Thanks to the Marathon and with the support of the Athletics Federation, several athletics sections were opened for children.
  4. Due to the popularity of the Marathon and its success, as a propaganda, a group was created to prepare for the start of the triathlon, based on INFINITY,

ATT (Atyrau Triathlon Ueam).

  1. 3 training seminars were held (with invited specialists in the field of physiology, medicine, anatomy, rehabilitation) and a fitness festival.
  2. Under the Marathon logo, more than 20 major starts were held, in 3 sports.
  3. The total number of athletes and amateurs who took part in our competitions exceeded 7,000 people.
  4. Most importantly, the main tasks were completed. The number of people involved in sports, according to official data and according to our observations (at least several hundred athletes come to each of the starts), has increased significantly.

The promotion of sports and a healthy lifestyle has reached a new, qualitative level, thanks to the well-coordinated work of the org. The Committee with all interested structures.

It should be noted that all financial costs, and they are not small, are borne by our partners.

These are the companies that believed us and are now permanent sponsors of the Atyrau Marathon.


Our relatively small but successful experience in organizing events of this scale proves that further plans, even the most ambitious ones, will be implemented.