ATYRAU RUNNERS – is a voluntary sports association.

— popularization of running
— teaching the basics of running
— promoting a healthy lifestyle
— preparing runners for various competitions
— creating favorable conditions for participation in further competitions
is the formation of a healthy nation

General management and control is carried out by curators.

Club rules:

  1. The club was created on the principle of a wellness section and is not professional.
  2. The club exists only on the principle of voluntary participation in it, both on the part of curators and its members.
  3. A member of the club must take into account that the actions of the curators are advisory.
  4. Attendance to training by its members is voluntary and depends only on the desire of the member.
  5. A member of the club, Anyone aged 16 and over can become a member of the club.
  6. Anyone who does not have obvious medical contraindications can become a member of the club.
  7. Anyone can become a member of the club (after consultations with a doctor and club curators), with medical contraindications, if he brings a receipt filled out with his own hand, stating that he takes full responsibility for the state of health.

— In case of deterioration in health or with visible health problems, the curators can stop the participant, up to the prohibition of training, until the circumstances are clarified.

  1. Club curators are not required to be present at all training sessions, since the existence of the section is based on a voluntary basis.
  2. Communication with curators can take place by mutual agreement.
  3. Assistance in training process, does not oblige the curators to fully fulfill the powers of the coach, since the section is free and all members of the club are ITS VOLUNTARY MEMBERS.
  4. The existence and functioning of the club is possible ONLY WITH THE MUTUAL WISH AND POSSIBILITIES OF ALL ITS MEMBERS.
  5. General management, control and coordination of actions (trainings) lies with the curators.
  6. Changing the training program is possible only with the agreement of the parties, after identifying shortcomings. The decisions themselves are announced by the curators.
  7. Any controversial issues are resolved collectively, based on the general concept of the existence of the club, namely the “AMATEUR SECTION ON RUNNING”.
  8. The existence of the club is limited only by wishes